Crikey Mikey Ultimate Lawn Treatment Regime 5L Moss Wizard & 10L Lawn Wizard

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Crikey Mikey Ultimate Lawn Treatment Regime – Includes 5 litres of Crikey Mikey Moss Wizard & 10 litres of Crikey Mikey Lawn Wizard. The perfect combination.

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Crikey Mikey Ultimate Lawn Treatment Regime – Includes 5 litres of Crikey Mikey Moss Wizard & 10 litres of Crikey Mikey Lawn Wizard. The perfect combination.

Crikey Mikey Moss Wizard
Treat the moss in your lawn with this brilliant natural formulation from Crikey Mikey.

Crikey Mikey Moss Wizard will treat and suppress moss very effectively. It should be used as an overall treatment process to develop a rich green and very healthy lawn. This professional non-scorching laboratory chelated formulation uses special organic nutrients to promote the healthier, greener growth of your grass through its strong root system to suppress the moss. March and April are the best times to treat and suppress moss from your lawns, or to make sure your moss is suppressed before the spring we would recommend treating it in September/October.

Crikey Mikey Moss Wizard needs to be part of your treatment process along with Crikey Mikey Lawn Wizard regime to ensure a beautiful lush green lawn with strong grass roots and healthy swards. It can be used for a short-term or longer-term lawn improvement and maintenance program.

Short Term: Use as a 1-time treatment, it treats quickly but must be followed with Crikey Mikey Lawn Wizard for best results.

Long Term: Use as a lawn renovation & maintenance treatment plan. Treat once every 2-3 weeks in Spring and early Summer, then every 6 weeks in the later Summer and Autumn plus once mid-Winter if there is no frost or ice. The moss becomes suppressed by the stronger forming grass swards from the special grass nutrients feeding them. When used as a treatment plan, you will produce a healthy, luscious green lawn, and be the envy of your neighbours when used in this way.

Crikey Mikey goes a long way with one 5 litre container treating up to 500sqm. We recommend treatments every 6 weeks to maintain a superb lavish green and healthy lawn, suppressed of moss. Moss Wizard is safe to walk on once it has been absorbed into the grass (approximately 1 hour after treatment). It is easy to apply but do please follow the instructions on the label and avoid overdosing.

NOTE: Moss often forms when the soil holds water and is poor to drain. As part of the treatment process please keep soil well aerated.

The Crikey Mikey Moss Wizard ‘magic’ is covertly used by Professionals and is one of the ‘Best Kept Secrets in Horticulture’.

Crikey Mikey Lawn Wizard
One week after the 2nd application of Moss Wizard, start the Stage Two of treatment with Lawn Wizard. When you start using Crikey Mikey Lawn Wizard, new stronger blades of grass will start to grow to replace the former moss. This fantastic lawn tonic will help you to produce a luscious green lawn. The follow-on treatment of Crikey Mikey Lawn Wizard will allow the lawn to not only begin the recovery process but will strengthen the roots of the grass in your lawn producing stronger and greener blades of grass.

Always ensure you adhere to the strict mixing ratios on the containers. For ease of use and best results we recommend the use of a Crikey Mikey Spray Applicator with hose pipe connection.

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2 x 5L Crikey Mikey Lawn Wizard
1 x 5L Crikey Mikey Moss Wizard