Crikey Mikey #1 Outdoor Cleaning Kit 5 Litres

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Clean the green and rejuvenate your outdoor spaces.

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Another ‘Chemistry in Action’ product from Crikey Mikey.

The best Outdoor Mould, Lichen and Algae remover available!

Crikey Mikey Number 1 Outdoor Mould, Lichen and Algae cleaner is the perfect outdoor cleaning solution. It removes contaminants such as mould, lichen, and algae without using harsh or labour-intensive methods. It is suitable for cleaning a variety of surfaces such as artificial grass, patios, driveways, tarmac, concrete and more.

This 5 litres super concentrated solution should be diluted in the ratio of 1 part of Crikey Mikey Number 1 to 5 parts of water. Ideal for paths, patios, driveways, gravel beds, block paving, walls, decking and garden fences. It transforms old and tired looking garden hardware and treats slippery outdoor surfaces.

After treatment, Crikey Mikey Number 1 creates a barrier of resistance to the resurgence of Algae or Mould in brickwork, block paving, stonework, or decorative ceramic garden products.

This professional formula was developed with you in mind – simply apply to the surface and let it get to work – let Crikey Mikey do the hard work for you! It has an unlimited shelf life and it is completely free from aggressive chemicals such as bleach that can damage surfaces.

Just mix Crikey Mikey Number #1 with water in a 5:1 ratio and spray it with a garden pressure sprayer and our biodegradable solution get to work – ‘Spray a Little See a Lot’.

The Crikey Mikey solution will remain active to prevent premature recontamination.

Unlike bleach-based cleaners, Crikey Mikey Number #1 has an unlimited shelf life even when mixed with water.

// Non caustic
// Non acidic
// No bleach
// No pressure washing needed
// No ‘elbow grease’
// 5 Litres concentrate makes 30L of usable product.
// No special equipment needed, just a good garden sprayer
// Easy to maintain, reapply at the first sign of recontamination
// UNLIMITED shelf life even when mixed with water.

This kit includes 5 litres of Crikey Mikey #1, a 3 litre spray applicator, protective gloves and safety glasses.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Box contents

1 x 5L Crikey Mikey #1 Outdoor Cleaning Wizard
1 x 3L Pressure sprayer
2 x Gloves
1 x Glasses