Crikey Mikey Plant Wizard 1L Nutrients Booster

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Plant Wizard is a professional formula that will give you the biggest blooms and largest, tastiest fruit and veg.

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// Professional Formula
// Establish healthy roots
// Help ailing plants
// Bigger, longer-lasting blooms
// Optimum yield and quality
// Suitable for ericaceous plants
// Cumulative benefits

Rather than start by telling you all the hard work that goes into manufacturing every bottle of Plant Wizard and how that gets to work. We thought we’d start instead by saying what exactly it will do for anyone that uses it. Put simply Plant Wizard will give you the biggest Blooms, for the largest, tastiest fruit and veg – it’s that simple. Below we’ve outlined the recommended usage and the science behind Plant Wizard, but all you really need to know is… For bigger bloomers than Granny wore you need Crikey Mikey Plant Wizard!

Used by professional growers and horticulturalists and thousands of home users. Thousands previously sold on a leading TV shopping channel. For those of you still not convinced and with the urge to satisfy the scientist within, please continue reading below.

Easy to apply. Feeding your plants couldn’t be easier. Simply pour 25mls of Plant Wizard into 1 gallon of water in a watering can and add it to the root system at the time of planting. Plant Wizard provides a boost of essential nutrients which promotes bigger and longer-lasting blooms. One feed for all plants, fruit, vegetables, pot plants, baskets, tubs and borders including ericaceous plants. When using on established plants work the soil at the base of the plant and using the same measurements water the solution at the base of the plant. For best results apply every 4 weeks between March and October.

The Science:
Plant Wizard has a unique formulation which is designed to quickly establish strong healthy roots in plants and does not contain any harmful chemicals. This 1-litre bottle of concentrate will make 200 litres of feed perfect for shrubs, roses, rhododendrons, fruit trees, hedges, vegetables, seedlings and pot plants. It also provides a boost to established or ailing plants.

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