Crikey Mikey Slick Slurp! Oily Crud Remover 1 Litre

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Crikey Mikey Slick Slurp! Oily Crud Remover was developed to naturally clean oil from places like driveway, paving or wherever else you find an oil patch. Great to make sure that oil leak removed from your driveway.


Here at Crikey Mikey we take the environment seriously. Honest. We don’t just say that to keep the Lentil Brigade happy – and this bottle is proof! We believe that Mother Nature can teach us a trick or two when it comes to all sorts of things – even cleaning jobs. So, we’ve produced a product that uses Nature’s methods rather than bleach, caustic soda and all that harsh chemical stuff.

Funny thing is it really works. Not surprising when you think about it. We are also proud that all our bugs are completely natural and farmed free-range right here in the UK. On a Welsh hillside, in fact (honest – do you think we could make this up?). Then we put them in their temporary home (this bottle) and ship them to you.

You just set them free on your driveway, patio, or garage floor. Then they follow their true calling – eating the dirt clean off your floors. Yee-Hah!

How to use Slick Slurp!

1. Rinse the area to be cleaned with plenty of water to help loosen the dirt and grease. Would you eat in a dirty restaurant? Don’t ask the bugs to!
2. Pour the concentrated bugs directly on to the oily, mucky bits of the driveway, paving or wherever else you find the crud.
3. Give it a rub with a stiff brush (Oh! Matron!) and leave.
4. Make a cup of tea. Relax. Let the bugs get to work. Do you lose your appetite if someone’s staring at you when you eat? So do they! (You need to get out more. Really.)
5. Come back later and rinse if you want. Or just leave them. Do they look bothered? They’ll just keep munching away until the food (that’s oily crud to you and me) is gone.

If you want to spruce up a whole driveway or large patio, dilute the bugs 10:1 (empty the lot into a bucket then add ten bottles full of water – or just fill up the bucket – it’s not rocket science or like you’re going for a Michelin star or anything) and spread the lot over the whole area. Then go to Point 4 above. We did try to make it more complicated but got bored and went down the pub instead. So, it’s easy to use. Sorry.

The bugs will get to work right away, and you’ll start to see results quite quickly. Look every day and you’ll see the progress. How fast it works depends on temperature (they work more quickly in warm weather) and – duh! – how much stuff you want them to eat. They’re fast eaters but it does take a little time for them to get really stuck in. You might need to give it another squirt after a week or so, but they’ll just keep on eating until the job is done!

Crikey Mikey Slick Slurp! digests oily crud where other products fail!

Made in Great Britain, this superb cleaner is supplied in a 1 litre bottle which contains over 100 Billion friendly bacteria. We know – we’ve counted them!

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1 x 1L Crikey Mikey Slick Slurp! Oily Crud Remover